SU01 - SAP User management

Users in SAP

SAP users can be created using transaction code SU01. While creating
SAP users there are only 2 mandatory fields User name on the Address
tab and Initial Password field on the Logon Data tab page. All other
entries on this screen are optional. But if proper roles are not assigned
to the user, then the user won’t be having authorization to open any
transaction code. Users and authorization data are client-dependent.
Main tasks that can be performed using transaction code SU01 are

1)Creating a User
2)Copy an Existing user to a new user
3)Modifying a User
4)Deleting a User
5)Lock/Unlock a User
6)Modifying a User’s Password
7)Add a Role to a User

There are five types of users in sap

Dialog users (Type A)
These type of users are used for Individual and interactive system access.
Dialog users can log into the system using interface called SAPGUI
(Newer versions of GUI can be downloaded from SAP Marketplace).
During first logon, the user has to change the initial password.
Also multiple logons are possible with SAPGUI (default value is 6).
Multiple logons can be restricted using the parameter login/disable_multile_gui_login.

System Users (Type B)
System users are used for Background processing and communication
within a system (such as RFC users for ALE, Workflow, TMS, and CUA).
Dialog logon is not possible for these type of users.

Communication Users (C)
Dialog-free communication for external RFC calls.

Service Users (S)
Dialog user available to a larger, anonymous group of users.
The system does not check for expired/initial passwords during logon.
Only the user administrator can change the passwords.

Reference Users (L)
General, non-person related users that allows the assignment of
additional identical authorizations, such as for Internet users
created with transaction SU01. No logon is possible.


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